New Year 2014

So, this was the post that was suppose to go up yesterday but I was having some trouble with!! Thank you so much to those who made it to the last chat of 2013!! I spilled the beans on how I have a lot of things I need to think about and some decisions to make. I wanna send lots of love to Steve — another member who suffers from Crohns disease and is having a rough time right now. We 686 Airflight Down Sweater Snowboard Jacket Black
missed you yesterday, Steve! We hope you recover quickly and start feeling better soon! Hopefully see you in chat thursday! ♥♥♥

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Happy New Year from Chicago!! I just finished making chocolate covered strawberries, have the champagne in the fridge and need to start getting ready to head over to my friend Alison’s house to celebrate the start of 2014! Generally, I consider NYE to be a bit overrated, over priced and usually a huge project which is why I like doing house parties for NYE more then I do going out. I hope that everyone has a very happy and safe start to the New Year and that you are surround by family and friends! I wish nothing but the best and look forward to 2014!!

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Purple Corset for Holidays

So tired! Spent most of today cleaning up my house and doing laundry – next thing I’m tackling are all the shipping boxes that arrived last week. And I’m gonna send out some thank you cards that I hope you guys will like! I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’m gonna do about the online store — I think I’m gonna have to build another site for it but I haven’t figured it out yet… I’ll try and get that done this week and let you guys know for those who have been asking about a 2014 calendar. Hope that you enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you guys in chat on Monday night at 7pm! It’ll be the last chat of 2013! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by!! Too fast!

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you! Happy Holidays to you! Happy Holidays dear members, Happy Holidays to you!! Hope you guys didn’t miss out on the Santa inspired chat Monday night! I hope he was very good to you guys 😉 He was incredibly excellent to me! I still have boxes that I need to open from members! I think you guys went way too far over board and out did yourselves — totally unnecessary but really appreciated for those who sent cards/gifts! My Birthday/Christmas was partly so amazing this year because you of YOU and YOU know who you are (including my lovely group). I love that some of you have built friendships and bonds with other members — I’ve been bragging about that for years! It makes me feel like we have something so much more — like we have a community of genuine people! And I couldn’t possibly be happier about that 🙂 Hopefully I see you in chat at 1pm CST on Thursday to the 26th!! And that Santa was very good to you this year 😉

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City Faces

So… last week was my 30th birthday! I know, I know.. I’m gonna be 27 😉 for the next 3 years — I can pull it off, right?? I’m crossing my fingers because that’s the story I’m sticking with 😉 Hahahaha! Hope that you guys got all your holiday shopping done for Christmas! I haven’t — I still have a few small things that I need to pick up for my brothers and sisters! Our 30th birthday bowling party was WAAAAYYYYYYY more fun then I thought it would be! I went in with super low expectations so I’m not sure if that helped but it was a blast! I had a couple friends tell me that it was the most fun they had in a long time which makes me happy that spend it with me 🙂 Yea… I’m like that… if I’m known for going to parties (CPG) then I at least wanna throw good ones.. right?!?! I think so 😉

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Red Wall video

Yikes. This video is definitely not one of my favorites and in a couple weeks, I’m 100% sure I’ll regret posting it. Let me tell you why I don’t like it and you can tell me what your thoughts are.

1. Camera Movement/Angle’s – we should of always shot with a still camera, not a hand held. Looking back on it, it’s just not very professional. Also, tell me when my hair is doing something crazy and stupid so the content doesn’t come out that way. Always drives me nuts when minor details can be fixed to make a better product/content — stop filming me and tell me to fix it so it doesn’t look bad. Then getting into looking bad…

2. Me. Parts of it, I look fat & sloppy. That is NOT me being hard on myself – that is me being honest with myself.

There I said it – but all these things, I consider good. It’s good for me to look back on it because

1. I know what I need to work on going forward
2. I know what kind of content and expectations I have moving forward.

Give me your thoughts — am I being to harsh?

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Sunset in my City

Yay!! I love all the work that Periscope has been doing to the site! It looks so much better, easy to use and functional!! Very, very happy with all this!! And (obviously) I hope you are too! I also see that comments are working again! So I’ll be busting my butt tomorrow trying to get all of them answered! On another note, I love this photo set! I always wanted to do a set like this in my city and I really love it!! Wish I could do them all the time!! Hope that you had a wonderful Monday and that I see you tomorrow at 1pm in chat!! and please check the chat schedule for the next couple weeks because there have been so adjustments due to the holiday season! BIG round of applause to Periscope — Thank you, thank you!

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Laundry Time

Hope that everyone is having a good Saturday afternoon! I woke up to a winter wonderland today! Winter/Christmas time has definitely arrived! I have a couple holiday parties/birthday parties to attend to tonight for some of my long time friends so I’m looking forward to having a fun night! Tomorrow I plan on being at my mom’s house early to help her with some things around the house and get ready for Christmas — Christmas at my parent’s house is always kinda a big thing. People stay over til 1 or 2 am and on average my parents host about 100 people. Lots of cleaning, setting up and food to prepare – holidays are a fun, busy but a bit of stressful time but it sure is fun when all is said and done 🙂 Hope that you are spending the weekend with your family and loved ones! See you on on chat Tuesday and please don’t forget that chat will be at 1pm on Tuesday!!

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Lake Rocks

Today was a bit chilly but I got out there this evening and finally started my Christmas shopping! And I must say – I hate it, I’m so indecisive and I want to get something that I think is useful or something that (the person I’m shopping for) actually wants. I hate buying junk – not my thing. My parents and grandparents are always the most difficult people to buy for — any recommendations? What do you get your parents/grandparents? Send ideas my way…. see you in chat tomorrow! xoxox

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The Field Museum

One of my favorite places ever — the Field Museum. When I went in September it was one of the first time I’ve been back there in probably 7/8 years. The last time I went was with some cousins that were in town visiting from Italy. I love going there. Brings back so many memories of being a kid and going with my family or going on field trips when I was in elementary school… it really is a special place to me. Plus, they always have interesting stuff to look at and learn from! I was really take by the Gems/Jewels exhibit!! Strikingly beautiful!! Seeing Sue in Chicago is definitely a must… or at least I think it is but I’m a dork like that 😉

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Purple Tank

So I’ve checked the site and again, I’m a bit disappointed (as I’m sure you might be). The tech issues that have been going on with the site seem to be never ending and I logged in hoping that I’d find a lot content ready to post since it’s been forever and if it’s on here – I certainly can’t find it. I really don’t know what to say guys except that I’m horribly sorry – I realize that is absolutely ridiculous lately. Chat starts early tomorrow, 12:30pm let’s talk about good things.. like puppies, rainbows, boobs and unicorns? Why not?

I’m very unhappy and frustrated so anything that will distract me will be a good thing. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. xoxox

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